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LED Wall

Rental and Sale LED Wall

We follow the customer at all stages of the rental or purchase, offering consulting, installation, support and design for all the equipment requirements of stage, rental and advertising.

LED Wall for Rent

  • P5.9 Outdoor/Indoor up to 60m² (shapeable up to 10°)
  • P2.9 Indoor up to 100m² (shapeable up to 10°)

Provided in robust cabinet, installable in every solution. Even on floor.

Additional Services for Live and Conferences

  • Visual, CG and RTG creation and management
  • Shooting and Recording
  • Screening from any analog/digital source
  • Mapping

Contact Us

Ask for a personalized quote for your party and events.

LED Wall for Sale

We provide LED Wall systems from P1.6 to P40.0, including installation and support response in 24h.

Quotations and advice available on request.

Advertising LED Wall Rental and Sale

  • Creating ad-hoc ad solutions for indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Totem LED and interactive.
  • Video Sharing and Routing, with optional Remoting service.
LED Wall